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7 Features of a Top SEO Company

30 March 2019

The seven features presented in this post make an SEO company stand out from the crowd. If you have been researching SEO and decide to invest in an SEO company, read this post first.

1. They Put You First

A good SEO company should without doubt put the customer first on all occasions. If you're undecided about which SEO company to choose, make contact with potential ones via email and ask them any questions you may have. You should expect a positive response and hopefully some will go the extra mile and really help you out, making you feel valued.

You should be able to feel at ease with communicating with an SEO company, and you should also be able to voice any queries or concerns you have about signing up to their service before you're officially a customer. Warning signs include over-marketing, i.e. sales-pitch responses instead of plain answers to your questions, and answers that are generic.

Being put first as a customer builds goodwill. The real gems are companies that take your thoughts on board; those are the ones worth going for.

2. They Offer Outstanding Service

A top SEO company will offer outstanding service. The actual quality of the service you receive is almost certainly one of the things that will influence your decision whether to stay with an SEO company, or abandon ship and search for another. Measures of service include how well the company delivers on their promises and actual concrete results of how their optimisation has impacted your website.

Search engine optimisation (SEO) does not deliver results straight away. It typically takes three or more months in order to see any value from optimising a website. For this reason, you should aim to pick an SEO company that you would like to stay with for a period of time. Read other customers' reviews and judge whether the SEO company you are considering has delivered results for others in the past. This can be a reliable indicator of how good their service is.

The quality of service offered by smaller SEO agencies can often be greater than that offered by larger ones due to them being able to better cater for the needs of the smaller set of web properties they manage.

3. They Keep You Informed

A good SEO company should keep you informed periodically with updates about how your website is doing, with statistics and comparisons of search engine ranking over time. Here at SEOStart we email our customers monthly reports giving them this information and further explaining how the methods that we presented in our initial research & strategy report have been implemented and what changes were made, if any.

SEO companies should be transparent with information about what they have done to your website and the outcome of such changes. You should expect to be kept informed when choosing an SEO company; most good SEO companies will tell you up front how they inform you - it's typically done through a web application or with emailed reports. If you do not see this information on their website, send an email to the company and ask if they inform their users about their rankings etc.

4. They Understand Your Brand

There is not much point in doing SEO to a website unless you understand the brand that the website represents. Some things that an SEO company should be familiar with include the brand's unique voice, i.e. its literary style, its overall image and how it comes across to people that are both new to the website and returning users, and the goals of the individual or organisation behind the brand.

A top SEO company will use this information to tailor their approach to search engine optimisation for the brand. Ways this is implemented includes writing unique articles for the brand to be displayed on their blog or recent news section, producing custom social content for the brand on their social media networks and producing press releases for brand events. It is crucial that an SEO company understands the underlying brand from the get-go.

Make sure to give the SEO company you choose a run-down of your brand, and include information about any unique details about your brand which you think will be helpful. The SEO company should in return be open to getting to know your brand as a whole, even if it extends beyond the realm of search optimisation.

5. Their Techniques Are Relevant Today

Search engine optimisation techniques have changed a lot since their inception in the dawn of search engine indexing. You have to make sure that the SEO techniques that your chosen SEO company uses are relevant today. Make an effort to ask the SEO company about their techniques; scan your reports and keep a look-out for the changes that an SEO company makes to your website. Read up on SEO techniques so that you are actively involved in the optimisation process.

Relevant techniques in 2019 include optimising for mobile devices (very important!), content creation, optimisation and marketing, and the original techniques of meta tag optimisation. Follow our blog to keep informed on SEO techniques as they change.

6. They Are Transparent with Costs

There are so many SEO companies out there that are not entirely transparent with their costs. It is very important to be up-front with how much optimisation will cost customers; at SEOStart we divide our pricing plans into three very different strands, for individuals there is a set cost of £800 / mo., for small businesses it's £5,000 / mo. and for large corporations it's £12,200 / mo. These prices include everything you need SEO-wise.

Look at an SEO company's website and identify their pricing. Compare prices across the industry and see what each company is offering before deciding on one. We will note here, however, that our own pricing is actually far cheaper than alternatives!

7. They Are Genuinely Nice to Work With

The last on our list of features of a top SEO company is one of the most important, in our view. The company you choose should be genuinely nice to work with. People run businesses; get to know the people behind the SEO company. The SEO company should ideally introduce you to key people when you start working with them. In our case, SEOStart's Founder, Anthony Daly, is also the main account manager - he is most likely the one responsible for the actual SEO done to your website.

Making contact with an SEO company before signing up to their service is a good way to open the channel of communication that we think is important to have between you and a given SEO representative. If you are considering our own service, contact us today to see how we can help you.

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